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DADOquartz® Bathtub- and Basin sets

the world's most luxurious bathtub material since 1998.

Available at a FACETS retailer near you.

Cordelia Bathtub & Basin set

The story of cordelia

An ancient Welsh name meaning “Jewel of the sea”. The culmination of luxury and opulence. The cordelia bathtub is lavish, grand and the pinnacle of luxury bathing for your home.

Kendra Bathtub & Basin set

The story of kendra

Derived from the old English name meaning “magical water”. Chic and modern, this perfect oval-shaped bathtub will give a refined sophistication, with a unique touch of style, to your bathroom.

Nerina Bathtub & Basin set

The story of nerina

This name derives from Ancient Greek and means “sea nymph”. Like its name, this bathtub is an ode to the classical era. With a size and elegance that brings a modern vintage grace, it is a perfect medley of the old and the new for your bathroom.

Viviane Bathtub & Basin set

The story of viviane

Fondly named “The Lady of the Lake” by Arthurian legends, this beautiful bathtub is a timeless centerpiece to your bathroom. This understated bathtub has a luxurious charm proving s that style abides throughout the ages.